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We have worked with athletes, players and coaches from:

Our Values

  1. Athlete centred from the start: person first; performance follows
  2. Aware of high-performance culture: we only work in elite sport and dance
  3. Anonymous advice: talk to us with utmost discretion
  4. Access: get in touch direct whether athlete; coach; representative; or sports and exercise physician
  5. Advice giving: book a brief consultation to discuss a difficulty or a need
  6. Adaptable expertise (by location, format or intervention)
  7. After care: by consent; we feed back into the team around the team
  8. Anti-stigma: it’s ok not to be ok; when working in a high performance environment

Our Offer

Trusted highly confidential care: providing expertise that is specific to those in elite sport, dance other high PERFORM-Rs.

Differentiate the care provided by offering access to internationally recognised sports psychiatry.

We can:

  • Assess and treat individual elite performers or coaches
  • Consult to leadership teams or offer workshops and learning across a playing/coaching staff
  • Offer consultation and advice in strictest confidence to anyone in the team behind the team
  • Help foster mentally healthy sporting cultures and systems

About Dr. Tim Rogers

Tim is an internationally recognised sports psychiatrist: the first doctor in the UK to receive certification by the International Society for Sport Psychiatry. For many years, Tim has worked across the spectrum of mental health, wellbeing and performance within elite sport and dance. Tim supports both individuals and teams in elite football, in the Olympic and Paralympic Systems, elite rugby, cricket, tennis, horse racing and many more.Tim offers support to members of the League Managers Association. Tim is an approved expert on the Football Medicine and Performance Association (FMPA) register.

Tim is one of a very small number of psychiatrists to have also completed postgraduate training in applied sport and exercise psychology. Having worked and trained in high performance environments, he understands the culture of professional sport and dance, and the unique pressures that come with this. Tim is a specialist member of the Sport Resolutions National Anti-Doping Panel. He was formerly a registered UKAD psychiatrist accredited to undertake therapeutic use exemption assessments.

Tim has experience of assessing and caring for footballers subject to FA disciplinary proceedings when supported by the PFA. Tim supports athletes and coaches as an expert in other situations related to sports and civil law proceedings.
Tim is clinical director at Togetherall, an anonymous online mental health service that offers a service to all UK Sport coaches and athletes.

Tim was a founding executive member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Sport and Exercise Psychiatry Special Interest Group.

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Traditional mental health service

Clinicians who do not necessarily understand sport

Dedicated to elite athletes and coaches, one at a time


High value contract at risk

Understand unique risks to reputation


Others left holding initial concerns

Specialist advice available early


Problems escalate whilst looking for the right specialist

Immediate intervention, however small or large

Athlete Centred

Athlete’s profile a barrier to engaging

Understand the athlete as a whole person


Limited appreciation of life inside the sporting bubble

Understand high-performance systems


Player needs to attend an appointment

Person can come to us, we call or we come to you






Long term availability – an opportunity to drive mental fitness onwards


Performer’s potential and reputation at risk

Continued nurturing towards becoming their best


Working in silos

An addition to what the best teams and intermediaries offer valued talent


Contact us

We are based in London but cover athletes and performers elsewhere, including on camp or on tour.

Contact us in strictest confidence to book an initial conversation, an individual assessment or enquire about support for your team